First post, first C# project.

Halo Score Display

A picture of my setup

Ever play a FPS on the PC that doesn’t always display your kills/deaths/score?  I have, Halo for the PC is one of these such games. To check your score you have to stop what your doing and press the F1 key, taking focus off the game.  As a fun project I decided to implement a 7-Segment Serial Display I bought for fun, and use it to display something useful like my number of kills in Halo.  The setup is easy, I connected the display to my arduino (strictly for power and serial access any serial to usb or serial port will do) and hooked it up through a usb cable.  The I wrote a C# program that finds and polls the number of kills, and sends it to the display (thanks to Patrickssj6 for helping me big time with the code).  The result? Well see for yourself:

I think the end result turned out nicely, this method could be adapted for pretty much any value in any process on your PC, and with the most expensive component at $12.95 I’d really like to see what others come up with. CPU temp/load on the cheap? Maybe even write code to calculate values not present in some games like K/D spread.  Post your ideas in the comments.

Here’s the source in Visual C# Express

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  2. epidemicz says:

    Very nice man, I’ve done something very similar before.

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